Dear Mr. Spacey,

I’ve decided to write to you to let you know how much you have meant to me over the years. I’ve always been impressed with your talent, skills and style. I’m grateful for your video reaching out to the public during this 2020 pandemic (Pretzels & Bits). We are all in this time together, sharing thoughts and stories and feelings to help us all out. It’s a terrible time for so many hundreds and thousands of people with the loss of their loved ones.

Now at this time, all we can do is draw our loved ones close to our hearts and reach out to all those who can listen. We all have deep feelings hiding behind our face masks. Many of us lower our heads or turn them when strangers come near. All we have to give to the world now is our words of care. I want to say that I’m sorry for the terrible time you have faced in the past few years before 2020. I’m glad you are well and you said you were taking the time of self analysis and emotional growth, we all as a human race need that and need always to remind ourselves to stay the course.

You dearly have the art of choice words and expressions and in your corner and space, you have made my life in a sense better. The sun shines brighter, the melodies of your expressions make life richer. If you ever have the chance to write a book about your journeys, it would be one that I would purchase and read… May I say, I know you will get through these stormy days and rise above this time. Your dynamic skills and talents will propel you to higher ground in your life. Most likely more prepared to meet any adversarial circumstances That may come your way (sad, but trends of the time).

I know as a fan, I knew that it was unfair. How quick the judgement, how quick the snap of minutes… change. But like the waves of the ocean and the winds of weather, snap your life will change! Your life and quality will be better… because I, like so many fans, believe in you, your talent and art of expression and skills. I’m grateful for your acting, your music, your voice and classy style.

Best regards always,


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