Mr. Spacey (Kevin), 

My name is Murphy, I’m a United States military veteran and former military contractor. Sir, I have been through some the most unimaginable things that a human could experience. I’ve seen some things that I wouldn’t repeat to anyone. You and I had a brief conversation a number of years ago. Our meeting was just by happenstance. I had seen several of your movies up to that point. At the time of our brief conversation I was currently involved in contracting work overseas. I remember you being kind and humorous with me as well as attentive. I have met several celebrities with non of them really standing out due to their poor attitudes towards the people in public, their inability to even act as if they cared at all. 

I mentioned to you that I was about to go to a place that wasn’t so friendly towards professionals like myself. The response you gave was brief but very upbeat and encouraging, “There are those of us who still appreciate what you do.”

This was the moment that you went from being an actor who I thought was good to a man who happened to be an actor that was genuine and sincere. A man that had not lost the, “milk of human kindness”. From that moment on you became my favorite actor as well as celebrity encounter. I have made it a mission to watch every single work of art that you have done. Whenever I was deployed and I would great that you had something new coming out I’d make it a point to do what I could to see it. 

You bring such an amazing dynamic to the roles that you play. Your presence is amazing both on and off the screen. You will forever have a fan and most importantly a friend in me. I wish you the very best with everything. I trust that I’ll see you on the screen again. The one thing that I can guarantee you is that I’ve got your back, now and forever. Ever forward, Kevin! Cheers.



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