Well, regretting that I wasn’t lucky enough to come to Turin and get a ticket and see you in person, but I know everything that happened there so I didn’t miss anything. I did saw you in Turin stadium. You came to one of the stadiums in Italy a few years ago and took a photo with James Pallotta wearing a dress with your name on it.
You jokingly said that you are grateful to the Italians for having the balls to appreciate you. You also gave a lot of credit to your friend and program manager Evan Lowenstein. You mentioned your legendary career and friends like Jack Lemmon and You reminded me of David Fincher. You also thanked us loyal fans and said that your relationship with us is not like a free relationship. That’s right, you didn’t go to live in a cave. You continue your life as before and Life goes on and on.
A glorious golden comeback. One of the best sequences of your life so far.

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