I always tell my 7 children who are of mixed race (36 years to 15 months) “never take any sh*t from anyone. Never let anyone push you around…” I’m 66, work from home for 35 years and have a wife exactly half my age, i mile from the beautiful North SD coast. When all this came out and you disappeared I said to myself, hope he doesn’t retire. He’s the best damn actor out there and everyone knows it! Well I and a lot of people like me stand with you and we don’t give a shit what anyone says. So put your bucks together and make some top notch entertainment and I will be the first one to be watching. If Netflix or Amazon don’t want Kevin Spacey then make your own direct to the public.

Take care,

Have to take the little ones for their morning walk with the mother.

Best regards,

Mike Misite

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