Sometimes some artists get into your heart, they make you feel good in difficult moments and help you to strengthen yourself when you feel you are not able to face some challenges in life. They do it through a screen, sometimes with a book, with a song or with a painting. All this happens indirectly, with their works they don’t refer directly to us and yet we feel that they entered our lives, they created something good, they brought out our talents, they made us think and dream.

Kevin, you have been this for me, your films have brightened my darkest days, your songs (unfortunately few) have accompanied me on my travels. I wish all of this had never happened to you, but I hope you have made the best of it, working on yourself. I hope you have found a guide, artist, friend or love who has guided you on this path. I don’t know if you want to go back to your job, if you want to continue acting but I know that you are a deep person and I wish you to find happiness, whatever you choose to do.

With love


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