Dear Kevin, I’m a fan of yours but I’m also a psychotherapist. I know that the situation you are living/have experienced is difficult to deal with and I hope you have received all the help you need. Losing your job, what you have lived your entire life for, can be devastating and it is important for those who experience these moments to know that there are many others who support them. So when you feel exhausted, whipped, anxious, remember who supports you, who loves you. If you can, read these messages too but don’t scroll quickly, think that behind each of these messages there is a person who has taken the time to tell you that he supports and appreciates you.

I don’t know if all this will allow you to get your life and career back in hand but maybe it will help you feel better and reflect. Socrates said that “the secret of change is to concentrate all energy in fighting the old but in building the new“.

I wish you a bright future and a lot of happiness, surrounded by people you love.

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