When I was a child I wanted to be an actress at all costs, I collected DVDs of the great cinema classics and pasted photos of my favorite actors in my diary. Among those actors there was you, who remained in my heart as the best actor ever. I went to classes, acted in the theater but no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t good enough, I have to admit, it’s not enough to want something to be good at it. After years of trying and trying I realized I didn’t have the talent I saw in people like you and after a period of desperation I realized that I should have put this energy into something else: now I am a doctor and save lives is the my vocation and I could not have done anything else. I am happy that I gave up my dream of acting and did not persevere since I had no talent, because now I do something that makes me really happy.

But you, you seem born to be an actor and you have a talent that is rarely found in other people. And although I have put aside acting, I have not put aside my passion for your work. I would love to see you acting again, to see your new films because you still have so much to offer and I’m sure you’re strong enough to hold on and go back to acting like you did a few years ago.

You are great!! even in moments when you happen to falter, remember that you are loved and appreciated but above all remember to love yourself because you are a good person. see you soon!


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