We are all characters, beeings locked into the system of words, culture and situations. We are born without the language, without the words and names to our feelings. Some of us are are born with difficult attitude model, which may decide their life path. Some clear and unaware and will get formed by grown-ups around either in one or another destiny.

I feel that you brilliance is to allow us – at least partly – to see your inner darkness. As I sayed – we are born without words and definitions – the same goes thorough the life: the “darkness” can be anything and nothing. It is a feeling about it, it has no words or definitions. I can use – mistrust, or disappointment, or hopelesness or disapproval of the surroundigs – it could be anything that may have surrounded you as a little. And the colours of what mixed together later became something more clear, something that may affected your thoughts of yourself and your habbits.

I dont know, I havent read your life story – as I dont want to. I wish to leave you your privacy and just feel your art, mr. Spacey. We all have our darkness in billion ways and amounts. My point is to say that I do believe you have trusted us and yourself to make your darkness the founding part of your art. Thats why it is so sharp, it burns us and for decades you have been one of the most influential acting voices in the western culture. With minimal show around your person – your acting work standed out as a clear proof of your brilliance. As we now live in a time when people’s lives can be destroyed in a second – I really lack any advice how to deal with it. The digital are lets anyone to attempt to “kill” anybody, and instead of asking for proof and the responsibility for doing it – the whole media system is happy to make money on it and the court system seems to be paralyzed by this. One thing is for sure – we are now all victims. We can be attacked by anyone for 50 years or more back for anything, it does not matter – as the attack itself is sacred and also is the attacker. When it will end? The laws does not matter if the lawmakers as people ar scared to use law! The normal thing to do is to reach out to the other part for communication, solution or agreement in court – quite privately, restorative justice and cases like yours will became a bricks in the new huge wall between justice and accusers that’s why there will be no end for it and no winners.

So they only thing I can say, or ask – is – try not to care. Find the distance between you as a person and the cases and desicions other make. Let it be to different lives. Nobody has ruled you to have no talent, brains or future. You have ALL THAT. If one doesnt make film with you, the next one will. And after couple of movies – several more will and so on and so on. The most hopeless are the large corporations. But the moment the wave in the future turns, they will come back quicker. And their systems are still easy targets. But it will change, just keep on looking for open ways to reach the public, and put these old things were they belong – far behind you.

And if you think / feel that the money you must pay back ( I dont follow, just sometimes notice i news) will make you a lot less wealthy – the I say. Welcome to the culb of your public and supporters! We are all quite moneyless but we are living our lives and most of us are quite happy 🙂 Right now my days aleways end with the new for me but otherwise old episodes of the House of Cards and without you the show is absolutely nothing. You are good every second and story is good. And you have – always been good. Very good. Keep beeing that, live inside your talanted self and – if possible – let other people deal with the second mr. Spacey, whos name is on tha verdicts etc. Be yourself, feel your talent which you have given lifetime to build – and use the experience to become even better to understand the darkness and light of the humanity. If anybody can to the last – it is You, dear mr. Kevin Spacey.Support Kevin Spacey

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