Dear Kevin Spacey,

Less than a year ago, life had a gun to my head. The thing I had for so long put faith and motivation into had forsaken me. Life was no longer interested in me and now took pleasure in watching my slowly break and shatter with each uppercut of pure terror. In a matter of months, my life switched every aspect of its identity and become a stranger. I felt like a helpless observer, watching myself stumble into an abyss. The woman I was planning to marry cheated on me and left me without reason, I lost my career as a healthcare professional, I lost the respect of my family, I was ostracised by my work colleagues and friends, COVID-19 hit and abducted my freedom, I was hospitalised with chronic pain, I had underperformed in a high-stakes exam, I was unemployed, I gained weight… all within a matter of months.

However, in late September, I came across House of Cards on Netflix and decided to give the show a try. I am usually quite critical of shows, but nevertheless I went in with low expectations. But immediately, I was hooked. Frank Underwood exuded a confidence and ambition that I was truly lacking in my life. Your portrayal of him gave me an epitome of what I wanted to be. Confident in my own abilities, professional, ruthless at life’s jabs, and cool and reserved with people. In imagining myself as Frank Underwood, things in my life did begin to turn around. I began holding my head higher and regaining some momentum. I am still on that journey and I have a long way to go, but I cannot thank you enough for setting me on that path.

It is an indescribable tragedy of what has happened to you. I should know, as something very similar happened to me. I lost my career and job and many of my friends because of accusations. It strongly frustrates me that the public is so fickle-minded and anxious regarding accusations and associations with people who have been accused.

I sincerely hope that you are doing well Kevin. Although I have somewhat been there, I cannot imagine how difficult these events have been for someone at your level of fame. I have two very simple requests: 1) please look after yourself and 2) please bring back Frank Underwood in some capacity. The character truly saved my life and I think that many people need both of you now more than ever.

I certainly hope that this message reaches you, so that you can appreciate the positive influences that you have.

Kind regards,

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