Dear Kevin,
I was happily surprised you decided to tell your side of the story, moreover in an European magazine with international good reputation. Thank you to have done it.
Happy to learn, you feel much happier today, that the ordeal makes sense in your life and that you started writting fictions. The interest of the article lies in your sincere and courageous testimony, so precious to us.
But sadly the article does not differ much from usual media treatment, although more courteous. The author takes for granted you would be condemned, she doubts, the violence you endured might have any impact on you, she described elsewhere her surprise to have witnessed the love of your fans in Turin, she doubts again, about your acting abilities, she does not respect your right to remain silent on the more painful experiences. At the end of the day, she didn’t listen to you.
We, your fans, are attentive to you.
You are a great, one of a kind actor, because you are this human being.
Of course, you will be a better Kevin Spacey! Obviously, undoubtedly, definitely.
I am sorry you think your reputation would be ruined for good. Please, DO NOT believe that ! It is certainly not true for your audience and new to come. As for medias, life is not static. Life is movement. Your acquittment will impulse new way of considering you in countless people’s minds, especially since you have been terribly mistreated. Medias will be obliged to get used to it, whether they like it or not. It is already in progress since the jurors sided with you in NY.
Now I am happy to learn that you are ready and confident for the trial. Whatever stressfull it may be, action is much better than waiting time. Court time is your time, to be really heard and defended at last.
I will be with you in thoughts from the first to the last day. We all will be. With hugs. LilianeSupport Kevin Spacey

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