Dear Mr Spacey, 

I had the privilege to attend the event in your honor in Mole Antonelliana in Turin. I cannot express my emotion to meet you for real. To me, the importance was not the content of your discussion during the Masterclass. It was to be suddenly emotionally connected to your past suffering through your emotions. Through your emotions too, I was comforted to feel how much you are truly loved in your inner circle; because very often, I have been worrying a lot for you.

Through your emotions, I felt you are no more a remote public personality, whom I admire, but simply a man, just a man, but a great man. I didn’t try to get an autograph nor a selfie, because to have felt close to you and you close to me (and us),was the major experience. I loved the standing ovation you received in Cinema Massimo and to be part of it.Let me tell you that we all applauded again at the end of the film.

Thank you very much Mr Spacey for what you gave us that night. 

Yours more than ever supporter, Liliane.

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