Mr. Spacey, I hope you’re well, sir. On the off chance you read this I just wanted to let you know I saw your Bits and Pretzels video recently and, having been affected in this uncertain time myself, I very much appreciated and valued what you took the time to share. I will try to take your advice and continue to care for myself during this time and hope you do the same. Your work as an artist has both inspired me and comforted me over the years and, though I know you don’t remember, you were an incredibly gentle and kind soul when I met you in London after a play many years ago. It is a memory I’ll always treasure.

I just wanted to let you know what you said recently had helped me in a tough time, and I know it took an incredible amount of courage on your part, which I greatly respect. I have always, and will continue to appreciate your work as an actor. Please know you are valued in both that capacity and as a brave and strong man as well. Stay safe and well.

With deep respect.

Kathleen O’Pry

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