Dear Mr. Kevin Spacey,

I do not know you because you are an actor and not one of your characters. I have admired your work from the first time I say In the Garden of Good and Evil, which is still one of my favorite movies. It is good to be admired for your work, unfortunately being an actor, especially a good and well known actor can also have a negative side. People are routinely jealous of someone else’s success and will go out of their way to disparage them.

I am not writing this letter to say anything did or did not happen, first of all, it is none of my business, second of all, I obviously was not there. I am writing to tell you that you are only human. It is not your fault that others feel as though they know the person you are (or the person they think you should be) and condemn you without knowing who you really are as a person and feel self-righteous enough to want to destroy your life.

This is the year 2020, your life is no one’s business but your own. Whether you are a good man or not should not be anyone’s business, with the exception of the people you personally come in contact with and associate with.  The way I see it, you are an actor, which means you show up to the studio, you do your work and when you finish your work for that day, your life is your own.  This should be true of all actors/actress’ and public personalities. We, the average person have absolutely no right to judge you or interfere in your private life.

I feel the same way about politicians. I only care about one thing:  can they do their job and do it well.  I feel the same way about your situation.  It is an absolute shame that men and women are losing their livelihoods because they are not being politically correct (who decided what that should be) or they have been accused, not proven guilty, and have suffered the consequences of mainstream perception without the belief that someone is actually innocent until proven guilty without any doubt.

I sincerely hope that you get back on your feet and are able to continue being the fine actor you have always been. If you have done any of the things you have been accused of doing, I hope you privately attempt to make amends and work on your sobriety, if you feel that it has caused you to make bad decisions.  Try not to judge yourself harshly, there are plenty of people out there that will do that for you.  Just remember that you are a fallible human being and much better than many and no worse than some, so take heart and be better.


Jessica Van Nostrand

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