Dear Kevin Spacey,

I’m your biggest fan. I seriously love your acting skills and I think you’re one talented man inside and out of the movies. Your acting in-house of cards was very good and it feels natural the character that you played in that serial is unbelievably and unforgettable as long as the movie industry exits. I don’t believe what people say to assassinate your dedicated entertainment career and your reputation. You’re truly a very talented actor and human being. Hereby, I want to thank you as a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication to making your fans feel happy with your acting and movies/TVs. Your acting skills were so good that you can nail every character you were given to play in the movies/TVs. 

You’re a happy, funny/serious man but full of wisdom. Everything you said sometimes encourages me to do better in my life. Your words gave me much positive impact and I want to thank you for that. I love all your movies.

Keep moving forward and never give up on doing whatever you are doing and stand your ground for what you believe in. I will always support you as your number 1 diehard fan. You’re doing a great job and take criticism as the one that going to motivate you in the future.

I wish that I can meet you. Last but not least, I really adore your voice and style. I really hope that I can meet you one day in front of my face and talk to you. But I know that it is impossible to meet you because I’m just a fan.

I think this fan letter is long enough. If I don’t stop now, it might get creepier and I might even start sounding like a stalker. I want you to know that I love you. I’ll appreciate everything you do and will always be supporting you.  I don’t have much time to left as I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses. I am happily married with two beautiful daughters and they are my strength, which keeps me going until it’s end. Time will tell.

All the best and beat the rest.



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