When I discovered this website on Google, I couldn’t wait to write something in support of Kevin Spacey. What I want to say is not just for him but for us all (hoping he’ll read it, of course). What’s happening nowadays in his homeland is, I think, the result of years of boiling. Anyone can see how people are going mad in the streets and this cannot be just because of one single event, although tragic as Floyd’s death. What does Kevin Spacey have to do with this speech? Well, I’ll explain.

Despite of what people can think about his legal troubles (I believe he’s innocent), it’s undeniable his absence is a part of a wider lack in our system: we have no longer open-mindedness. I talk about an open-mindedness we used to have when people like Kevin Spacey were able to talk and I don’t think I’m the only one thinking we started to lose it since late 2016.

Mr. Spacey’s speech at Bitz and Pretzels is an example. We’ve seen a sincere man still able to give people the best advice: caring about what really matters, the love of neighbor and our ability to look closer. So yes, I miss Kevin Spacey because of his inspiring speeches, his belongingness to a better era of media, and of course because of his tremendous acting talent. I hope this message finds you well. The world misses you. God bless you, always.

Support Kevin Spacey

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