Greetings. I rewatched American Beauty and think again about destiny of Mr. Spacey nowdays. To be short I think this noise about his person is just unfair.

Im 31 years old now and first time I watched American Beauty it was 2002 so Im was 13 and not interested at all so thats why I rewatch it now and it is excellent performance by Mr. Spacey. I was watching his movies at TV then on VHS then on my computer and in cinema and you know what – actors like Kevin Spacey make me who I am. I become picturegoer in 2000 and movies are the huge part of my life even now days. I can tell other names of Hollywood actors that make me a person but Mr.Spacey for sure one of the best. One of big difference between him and other actors that he almost never filmed in bad movies. I can tell a lot of movies with Kevin Spacey but last one Bady Driver was wonderful and for sure one of my favourite movie, I noticed it ‘cos my friends said that I’m like Baby, well its true but then I was younger.

In conclusion I just want to say that a lot of media make a huge impact on our life it is art, music and ofc for me movies. I think he and actors and persons like him breaths life in picture and make cinema truly magical. When you watch movies with actors like Kevin only for two hours or less you can forget about vanity of life and live in another moment.

P.s.: Don’t listen to others for me and other cinema lovers actors like will be always good example of artist. I wish to Kevin stay strong, good health and to be happy. Thank you so much for what you doing. Thank you being wonderful person.

With huge respect Georgiy Klimenko Anatol’evich to master of art.

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