Dear Kevin Spacey, I don’t know if you will read these lines of mine, but it doesn’t matter. I really want to express you my support as an Italian of your age who follows you as an actor since ever. You are my favorite actor, I never expected to have to be close to the man Kevin Spacey because of the story that sees you involved and that, from what I read in the last few days, could have been orchestrated by a woman.

I hope with all my heart you win from all points of view!  I have never stopped trusting you, know that there are so many of us in Italy to support you. If you’ll ever feel like taking a trip to Veneto, my husband Alberto has a dream: cooking for Frank… ops… for you! It will remain a dream but it’s nice to have it! Have courage, a huge hug from Doriana and Alberto!

Support Kevin Spacey

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