Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for your heartwarming Christmas message/footage which I was just able to view via the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. From the media, I am aware it sure has been difficult months for you as well and I want to return my wishes to you and sincerely hope you are doing very well!
Today’s 25/12 is my daughter’s birthday, Ms. Zaza Vanbeek, she entered puberty in February this year, then Covid-19 striked our community: school closed for 2 months and lots of roller coaster-like (negative) events for my child. Now, today she is 14 years old and full of hope for the future.
Me as a single dad try to make the best out of it and a message from you makes my day! Highly appreciated.

All the Best and best wishes for this Christmas and New Year,

Dirk Vanbeek

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