I don’t know Kevin Spacey the person because we’ve never met, but I know Kevin Spacey the artist, the talented actor, the singer, the entertainer and my opinion of him hasn’t changed. I respect him and respect his work which I continue to appreciate. I find it incredible how the media destroyed Kevin Spacey and then passed on to others, without the slightest remorse and without considering that they had a person’s career in their hands. They played with someone’s life without the slightest remorse, without wondering if it was correct or not but just for the scoop. I am happy to see that now there is no longer the same fury towards Kevin Spacey but I am saddened by what happened in the past. I would be happy if only one of those who ruined his life with newspaper headlines that did not reflect reality, publicly apologized. It would be the sign of a civil society. This is my opinion.

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