Dear Mr. Kevin Spacey, I am writing this letter in support of what you are going through. First let me confess I am a huge bigly supporter of our President Trump and second I am a big fan of you and your incredible talented and amazing work. You are truly a gift to the arts and I do miss seeing more of you. I have been watching the spectacle of what the MSM has been putting you through and I believe this to be very unfair. I try and not judge people and understand people make mistakes but what they are doing to you is wrong.

So when and where I can I voice my opinion in hopes you will be treated more fairly and believe me I am well connected online. My Twitter and FB is very active. I also write this because at this time I can see you are struggling to deal with this as the evil media will stop at nothing to destroy you or anyone else that they don’t favour. I want nothing but to see you treated fairly and returned to the stage. Please keep your chin up and I will continue supporting you on social media. I only write this in respect and kindness.

Support Kevin Spacey

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