Recently an acting teacher wrote a message on this site saying that anytime he starts new classes he shows them the documentary of Now: In the wings of a world stage with Kevin Spacey as King Richard III to let them know the real theatrical experience. I searched for it and just watched this documentary for the first time and was absolutely thrilled. It really touched me. All, from the actors to technicians to audiences, seemed so enthusiastic and lively. Kevin Spacey was just awesome on stage and backstage. Once more I saw a brilliant, charming, charismatic artist who doesn´t lack a good sense of humour especially if he had turned to the audience. Still it felt as he was just like all the other members of the ensemble, together in a spirit of a common idea.

I particularly like one scene in the documentary when Kevin Spacey talks very personally about how his play begins as Richard the Third.

“I don´t start off performance by going into a corner and trying to become Richard the 3rd. I have trusted that if I just go out and however I am that day, whatever mood I am in, if I am frustrated, if I am angry, if I am lonely, if I am feeling blue or if I am incredibly happy, it doesn’t ´t matter, I start there, there is a remarkable thing that happens, which I just let the play taken me, and it always does!”

(I apologize if I didn´t reproduce it correctly)

I really hope Mr. Kevin Spacey would say, feel, act like this again sooner rather than later. Kevin Spacey is such a great actor and a wonderful human being. Stay healthy!We miss you!

Thank you, dear Supporters and stay healthy as well.

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