Refering to the closing speech of the defence yesterday, the only truth of this unspeakable, unbearable story is that in the course of Me too, Kevin Spacey was put on trial by the social media and the media in general, especially the tabloids, who all jumped on the same false bandwagon. 

The media has shown no backbone and has not bothered to analyze and differentiate these allegations from allegations about other celebrities or so. 

This is irreversible and you, Media, you have the chance to do it differently in the next few weeks and months – take this opportunity! 

There can only be one verdict and that is innocent on all allegations.

Miss you on the big screen and I look forward to seeing you on stage one fine day in the near future. 

Supported you all these years here and I would like to thank you, dear Support Kevin Spacey-Team, for providing this platform. You are great!

Goodbye here. 

Take care & all the best to you, dear Kevin Spacey!

Support Kevin Spacey

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