Kevin – Many congratulations on the outcome of your trial.  It must be such a relief for you and represent an exciting new beginning for you. Coincidentally I was actually called to jury service at Southwark but had to declare to the administrators that I knew you so could not serve on your jury.

You may recall that I was the 24 Hour filmmaker at the Old Vic (over a ten year period) and also that I made a film with you for Sky Arts called “Extreme Theatre”. Thanks to you it was a memorable film that has had an inspiring impact  on many young actors who still write to me about it.  You gave me some great and very insightful interviews about the acting profession especially in your very heartfelt recollections of Jack Lemon, your own mentor (send the elevator back down).  I don’t know what your plan is in terms of your future and maybe you are working that out but it would be a travesty for you not to return to work as an actor and director.  I am regarded as one of the top documentary makers in the UK  and would be very keen to explore with you any documentary project that would give further voice to your life right now.  Maybe this is not a path you would choose to follow or maybe you have other plans in this direction.  If so I wish you the greatest of luck as your future unfolds into fresh pastures.  If, on the other hand, my suggestion interests you (I have great contacts with all the broadcast platforms – terrestrial and on line) then we can always chat about the possibilities.

Best wishes

Chris Terrill.

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