Dear Kevin, a few years ago I moved to London for a few months for work, I felt very lonely and away from home so I adopted my beloved little dog. One day, while I was walking with my dog, I met you with yours. It was wonderful to chat with you and discover that you too, like me, are a dog lover. After having this beautiful meeting, I thought you were a very kind and very sensitive person and I am very sorry for what is happening to you, there is so much suffering in this. There are always two sides to a story, but it always seems to me that you are given little space to tell yours.

I hope everything goes well and you can win this trial and prove your innocence once and for all. I will keep reminding myself what gentlemen you were when I met you and I will continue to tell anyone that you are a good person and that talking to you has been very exciting for me.

Best of luck.

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