Dear Kevin,

I was born in Newark in July 1959, few miles away and a few days away from you, and like you I grew up in Los Angeles. Among the things that unite us, there is also a great passion for dramatic arts and that is why, many years ago, I decided to leave the United States and get to know Europe, joining various theater companies among Italy and France and learning their theatrical culture. I have now lived permanently in Paris for more than 30 years with my wife. But I haven’t forgotten my country and my culture (I still proudly listen to Bruce Springsteen singing my New Jersey).

In Europe I found a new way of approaching art and a much more relaxed and sometimes more stimulating environment: all those centuries of history and culture that changes from region to region have opened my mind. I don’t know what your plans will be but for those who have art and theater that flows in the veins, like us, it’s difficult to think about a life without a stage. And, as you have already discovered, Europe will always welcome you with open arms… let it do so.

In the environment I have always heard of you as a generous man of inestimable talent and with a strong sense of humor; No one’s ever said anything bad about you, and I think your private life should stay private and not be shouted from the rooftops just to sell a few more newspapers. I wish you good luck for your future and who knows, maybe sooner or later we will discussing our incredible similarities but also, and above all, the differences, those that make us unique, and our characters more interesting.



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