Hello Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished watching ‘House of Cards’ and I absolutely LOVED your character as Vice President Underwood and President Underwood. You made me laugh. 

I have not seen that many movies with you in them as the main actor until now. Cannot describe how great you are. 

You, have inspired me to never stop dreaming and achieving my goal. Just like you did in your role as Vice President Underwood. And how you almost single-handedly inspired and then made sure that ‘your wife’ Claire Underwood won her campaign for Vice President. 

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of yours now. Currently watching another movie ‘ Margin Call’. Just happened to find that it’s another one with you. 

Ending this message wishing you all the very very best and huge success for the future – hoping that you will actually read my message and respond.

A fan that truly admires, loves you and wishing you nothing but the best!!!

Have a great weekend!!


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