Dear Kevin Spacey, Im not sure yet whether you are going to read this but I’m writing this for you with teary eyes.
4 years ago I had this thing to take either a writing class or an acting class,I was in doubt and I couldn’t choose both because I didn’t had the enough money. On a fine spring night I watched Seven with a friend and that was the first time I realized I want to act, Then I watched The Usual Suspects and told myself I gotta be a good actor so I can work with Kevin Spacey one day.
Actually after I heard that you had to stop acting I felt it was the end of the world for me, I suddenly found myself pointless in life and even my acting projects stopped, It took me some months to overcome this feeling because one day I told myself I want to start a career in filmmaking and I’ll act with my favorite actor, so this is what I have been doing these days, weeks, months, years (I have even an Idea about the movie I want to make).
So here I am writing a message to you with teary eyes, at 2:30 Am. I wish you the best health.

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