Dear Kevin,

I have no words to explain what your art meant to me but I can tell you I suffered enormously from bullying when I was a young teenager but thanks to the passion I had for “that incredible actor who won two Oscars in just a few years” – aka you – I managed to escape from bad thoughts and put all the bad emotions I was feeling into acting, thus making my life better. Bullying is an old memory now but my passion for the theater has not changed at all. We  – theater actors – live in difficult times in this period but I hope that when the pandemic is over and we are back to normal, people will even more want to come to the theater.

Thank you very much Kevin, for being the light on my path and guiding me towards my greatest passion (even if I didn’t know it at the time).

I am waiting to see your new films, especially Franco Nero’s and I dream of seeing you in the theater here in Italy.

Kind regards,


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