Dear Kevin, I’m very sorry for what happened to you, I can’t imagine how you could have felt but I assume you haven’t had a good time. Sometimes it is not even the initial shock, the pain of the blow, but the bruise that we carry for so long. But from the scars, from the bruises, you can learn a lot and I hope you have found a positive aspect in everything that has happened to you.

I once heard the phrase “Take this pain and make it into art“, and I am convinced that pain helps the artistic process and I wonder what huge things you could do if you decided to write something or make a film, not about what happened to you, but starting from what you have suffered.

I don’t know if I explained myself, in any case, I wish you the best and who knows, maybe one day we will see a film directed by you, in which we will rediscover your talent in a wonderful work of art, thanks to the inner experience you have lived in these years.

Best regards


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