Dear all,

We think that a real documentary should be objective and examine every aspect of the matter, which – clearly – hasn’t been done with “Spacey Unmasked”.

The documentary, lasting 1h:45m:57s, dedicates only 1m:59s to Kevin’s victories in court, this should be enough to present it as a one-sided documentary, except that the description of the documentary on Channel 4’s website is: “a forensic look at a man who was once one of the most admired and respected actors in the world”.

We don’t see the forensic look in a documentary that dedicates 2 hours to new accusations (some dating back 48 years ago) without consulting Kevin and those who have defended him over the years but, above all, without dedicating adequate time to the trials in which he was found not guilty. In fact, Kevin was only given 7 days to respond to the new allegations contained in this documentary. The intent was clearly to not allow Kevin to adequately respond or provide an alternative version of what was said in the documentary.

We believe that it is essential to listen to all sides of the story and not relying only on one side or, even worse, reading articles/watching documentaries that have the sole purpose of giving the public only one side of the issue, inexorably damaging an artist, without giving him the opportunity to respond to these accusations.

For this reason, we ask you to join us in asking Channel 4 to broadcast Kevin Spacey’s Right of Reply.

  • Click on the following link:
  • Enter your details
  • Once done you will be redirected to another page where you will be asked if it is a technical issue, answer NO.
  • You can write your message.

We ask you to use the politeness that has always distinguished Kevin’s supporters and to ask Kevin’s Right of Reply to be broadcasted on Channel 4 channels.

After two important victories in court and after two juries found Kevin Spacey not guilty, we think it is important to start clearing his name and he cannot do so if the main television channels or newspapers continue not to allow him to defend himself.

Thanks for your support.
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