William Little, who claims Kevin Spacey because of facts happened in Nantucket, has dropped his lawsuit against the actor. A court filing shows that Little has withdrawn his complaint and that the civil case has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning he cannot refile his suit. That move comes just days before the three-year statue of limitations would have run out on filing a legal complaint against Kevin Spacey.

That case could potentially be in jeopardy as well after William Little and his family misplaced the cell phone he had been using that night to text with his girlfriend and a group of friends about the alleged incident. Spacey’s accuser had been seeking a jury trial and damages for emotional distress in his lawsuit. He also asked that the Oscar winner be responsible for his medical and other bills. Kevin Spacey’s team had been seeking all correspondence regarding the case that was sent by the civil attorney hired by the victim’s family.

Alan Jackson, the Los Angeles lawyer that is representing Kevin Spacey stated that the Little Family “have a significant financial motive to fabricate the instant allegations”. Mitchell Garabedian – Little’s lawyer – is being asked to hand over all correspondence between himself and the other lawyers at his firm with the district attorney’s office. This all comes just a few weeks after text messages from a filing in the criminal case were revealed, showing how they’ve been allegedly manipulated.

Kevin Spacey and his legal team have made a number of damning statements about the teenager he is accused and Little’s family in recent motions. The defense team for the disgraced actor submitted five motions to the court in March requesting that the young man be required to hand over the entire contents of his cloud along with all relevant passwords.

Source: The Daily Mail

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