Dear Kevin Spacey, I forgive you, we all make mistakes and give in to our character defects. You were and are an amazing, and talented individual and have inspired me through your portrayal of life’s characters. The past is history, what ever you have done, is done, you have apologised. It’s what you do next, what have you  learned, and how you use this experience to better yourself in this life. Forgive you, accept you and move on.

I can only speak for myself, but I miss your face, and the many faces of Kevin Spacey. We have all been punished by your absence. My wish was to one day, participate in a master class, taught by you. But those days are gone. I can only hope, that one day again, we all can witness your brilliant gifts and technique on the silver screen, or the small screen.and truly feel the full gambit of emotions your characters bring to us mere mortals in the audience. Serenity be with you, enjoy this time of self reflection. But come back, when the time is right, come back!

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