Mr. Kevin Spacey, I watched House of Cards sometime in Sept or Oct in 2018. It really did change my attitude. Like Bobby Darin’s song Change I felt like a new person. I enjoyed it so much I am now hooked on Mr. Kevin Spacey and that is why we need more of you, please come back. Why I waited so long to watch House of Cards is another story. I was so enthralled by your acting I have watched all of your 55 or so movies. Quite impressed with NOW, the tour, it was wonderful.

I have bought at least 10 of them so I can watch over and over. I have bought the soundtrack of Beyond the Sea and listen at least once a day. I hate to say it but you do the song The Curtain Falls so good I like it better than Bobby’s version. You are a genius and so talented.

UPDATE: 12/8/2018, listening to Beyond the Sea cd and Dream Lover is on, you are magical. Please hang in there.

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