I want to happy birthday Mr. Spacey. Well, I’ve met with Kevin Spacey last year. It was a House of Cards series. I’ve felt in love with Underwood. But what’s interesting, I saw Francis, not Kevin. Not kind Kevin, not sometimes shy Kevin, not his good smile. But when I’ve watched other movies starring Spacey (like American Beauty, The Usual Suspect etc), I’ve got him. It’s greatest actor I’ve ever seen. He get use to the each his role. And that’s done great. Some people say:

Spacey always plays bad guys, probably he’s bad guy too in real life.

I don’t think so. Playing violent is the most difficult in theaters and movies. And I see Kevin Spacey can make good guys, bad guys, poor guys, rich guys and a lot of other guys as well as highest level you can even imagine. I’m really glad that cases almost over and Kevin can live free and stop covering from entire world. Kevin, I wish you would have a great health for the next 60 years, continue of your career and great reputations all over the world. All you fans wait for new movie starring with you since now. Happy birthday, greatest actor and greatest man!

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