Dear Kevin Spacey, you have given me much through the years seeing your movies and of course your magical performance on House of Cards. I heard your poem “The Boxer” which you read in Rome, I felt touched and I can relate. You helped to put my situation in a light I’m trying to shift. You see, for over 25 years I have been the sole caregiver to my sick father and then my sick mother. I am an only child with no real family, for many years i was caring for them whike they were both sick. As people of average means, the nursing homes and rehabs were horrible. Perhaps you may know orchard of people dealing with elder care, but it is truly a war.

When bad things happen, the system turns against you just like what has happened to you. My dad died in 2014 and my mom died this past Christmas week. We were forced to take a reverse mortgage on the house as a last measure to buy ourselves some time. Always optimistic and looking for that slight break where I could work again and get my life moving. I now find myself desperate and about to loose my only home and have no money left. I feel so low yet as you said, fight back. I have been trying but I’m just about at end of road and well. Thank you for the poem.

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