I’m not a big fan of Kevin Spacey, I think that he is a great actor but I didn’t really followed him though the years. I’ve found out this website with a great mission and it was what I really needed, because I must explain something that I hope will get the right consideration. I’m a lawyer, I live for law, and I love it. I usually work with people that make any kind of mistake and I always figure out how human they are. I’m sick and tired to read unfair articles about Kevin Spacey’s situation. And I want to explain something to all this “journalists” and the “court of the internet” what’s right and what’s wrong, I hope they will listen and ask themserves some questiones.

1) Is Kevin Spacey a pedophile?
No, he isn’t. Being a pedophile assume that you have a psychiatric disorder in which you (adult person) experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13. Kevin Spacey isn’t accused by prepubescent people, so, please, let’s stop calling him a pedophile.

2) Kevin Spacey did wrong?
Yes, for sure! no one here, even the biggest supporters, want to assume that KS is an angel. Everyone here makes mistakes, even  the most unsuspected ones. We must think that some actions, even the ones that we think are good for us, aren’t good for others. Maybe Mr. Spacey live his sexuality in a different way that any of us, and maybe it’s because he didn’t live in “our world”. I’ve been acting in my youngness and the way theathre actors was living their body was way too different from the way I’ve lived mine. Maybe it’s not like this for everyone but that’s it.
I condamn his bad behavior, but I try to step into his shoes and, as bad his behavior was, it may was his nature and he may had understood where he made wrong. I really hope so.

3) Did Kevin Spacey rape anyone?
As far as we know, no. Kevin Spacey has certnaly made mistakes but rape is not one of them.

4) Yeah, but there is a video of KS groping the Nantucket guy!
No, there actually isn’t. This video show a man’s hand, touching a shirt, nothing more than this. Is this an evidence? I don’t konw how it works in USA but in my country, this couldn’t be considered an evidence.

5) Should we forgive Kevin Spacey?
I Think yes. People makes mistakes and I believe in redemption. Kevin did wrong, he may didn’t do everything that he’s accused on, but he did wrong in the exact moment he made felt people uncomfortable. But I also believe that he have understood his mistakes and we should give him a second chance.

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