I like Kevin Spacey. Quite simply. I do not care about accusations about him. Even if all that is said is true, I do not care. One should not judge a known man with his private life and theories but with the help of facts. And Kevin’s career shows exactly who he really is, a strong, sensitive, committed and passionate actor. His acting talent, his playing, his gestures, his voice and his charisma make me forget everything else.

I want to keep the same picture of Kevin Spacey as I had when I was photographed with his star on Hollywood Boulevard, a good image. The image of a great comedian. From a star. From a movie legend. Kevin is not the man we portray the media and haters. You want to know who is Kevin Spacey? Lester Burnhamm, Hopper (A Bug’s Life), Verbal Kint, Lex Luthor, Frank Underwood… All of these people are Kevin Spacey. I may have misunderstood, but to summarize, I want to support this great and great actor Kevin Spacey. I am eager to see him again and wish his career continues, for his pleasure as for that of his fans! I love you Kevin.

Support Kevin Spacey

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