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Kevin Spacey is headed to trial for his alleged assault of a young man in July 2016, but early reports show that there are no eyewitnesses to the incident. The young man accusing Spacey of groping him claims that the actor stuck his hand down his pants in the middle of a crowded bar on a summer night in Nantucket. But according to witness interviews, he did not tell that to his girlfriend, despite her texting and speaking to him before, after and during the alleged incident. And the owner of The Club Car, a waiter who was working that night, and a bartender all told police that they saw nothing in the way of an assault.

The teen did reportedly send his girlfriend a Snapchat message showing Kevin Spacey allegedly touching the front of his trousers. The teen himself said that his girlfriend did not believe him so that’s when he Snapchatted the video of Kevin Spacey. Police spoke to the girlfriend soon after the alleged victim’s mother went public.

Molly felt [redacted] would be excited to meet Spacey and that he would be “startstruck”. Molly received texts from [redacted] after [redacted] met Spacey and Molly could tell [redacted] was excited because Spacey was buying him drinks and Spacey had given [redacted] his phone number. Then, Molly said she received a text from the alleged victim stating that Spacey was hitting on him, so she told him to walk away

She then received the Snapchat photos, which she told police showed Kevin Spacey touching the front of [redacted’s] pants by his crotch. The two next spoke when the victim was running home after fleeing the scene. Molly could tell [redacted] was drunk and she felt [redacted] was emotionally worked up. She said the two discussed the matter for an hour, and the report states. Molly felt [redacted] was caught off guard that a man would hit on him.

kevin spacey

kevin spacey

Molly told police however that she never heard about Kevin Spacey sticking his hands down her then-boyfriend’s pants that night either. She said the first she head of that was when his mother held a press conference. She also said lots of people knew that the alleged victim had been hit on by Spacey, and people would often joke about it because no one had heard he was sexually assaulted. The Club Car owner, Joe Pantorno, “did not see Spacey assault anyone and no one talked to him about it happening”. The bartender that evening, David Powell, “did not see Kevin Spacey assault or sexually assault anyone that night”.

It is also noted that he first heard about the alleged victim’s story after his mother’s press conference. Claus Bokelman, a waiter at the restaurant, said that “the whole thing was blow out of proportion”. Kevin Spacey and his legal team make damning statements about the teenager he is accused of groping and the boy’s family in a handful of new motions. The defense team for the disgraced actor submitted five motions to the court on Wednesday, requesting that the young man who said he was sexually assaulted by the actor be required to hand over the entire contents of his cloud along with all relevant passwords.

Spacey’s team is also seeking all correspondence regarding the case that was sent by the civil attorney hired by the victim’s family. That section of the 70-plus pages of court filings states that Mitchell Garabedian was hired to pursue a lawsuit for the family, and accuses the teen of using the criminal case to try and confirm his lies. Alan Jackson, the Los Angeles lawyer that is representing Spacey stated that the boy and his family “have a significant financial motive to fabricate the instant allegations”. Garabedian is being asked to hand over all correspondence between himself and the other lawyers at his firm with the district attorney’s office.

Jackson also asked the judge that a copy of the contract with the victim’s family and the date, time and length of all appointments between the family and the law firm be turned over as well. There are also concerns about an an investigation Garabedian did into the claims, with the defense expressing concern that they have not seen these reports. Garabedian had stated that he turned his findings into law enforcement, and now the defense wants to make certain that detectives independently investigated all his findings.

kevin spacey

The judge ruled on these motions last Monday when the lawyers were back in court without Kevin Spacey, who was told he did not need to appear in person for that preliminary hearing while previously on the island in January for his formal indictment. The filing also makes it clear that Spacey and his lawyers are looking to do a very deep dive into the accuser’s personal accounts and phones. The actor stated in a previous motion that the teenager:

Claimed he was a 23-year-old student studying business at Wake Forest University after he sought out a friend for the specific purpose of introducing him to [Spacey]. It goes on to state that the teen ‘welcomed drinks from [Spacey], let [Spacey] put his arm around him near the piano while they did sing-a-longs and even left the bar to smoke with [Spacey]. That behavior, combined with the fact that the teen gave Spacey his number, suggests “mutual and consensual flirting” states the motion. The teen did not object to the alleged touching, he did not ask [Spacey] to stop and he did not remove himself from the situation.

Kevin Spacey is referred to a Mr Fowler (his real surname) in the motion. In the initial filing the accuser said that this was because he froze, and suggested his lack of an erection as proof he was not enjoying the sex act.

 Source: Daily Mail

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