You’ll never know how you begin to have a crush for someone famous, or why. There are ones who call themselves fans, but they’re just the artist ones, others, instead, understand that there’s a personality in what they like. And that personality is essential. Kevin has a wonderful personality. Some years ago a great english friend of mine, told me that everybody said that he looks like Kevin Spacey. I didn’t know who Kevin Spacey was, then I watched K-Pax, and I had the crush.

I tried to reach him, and I saw his Twitter account. So I said, why not create a Twitter account? I was saddened when I understood that you can use just a few letters in Twitter.

I totally forgot that I wrote to Kevin, and I thought, as a good french, why not try to write a kitchen recipes? Maybe an apple pie? I wrote that, and soon I get blocked by Kevin Spacey. I tried to understand why, if I was in troubles, but after having read his tweets, I understood that the man himself had a huge sense of humor. I bought all the movies I could, and this sense of humor became transparent for me, even in a movie like Seven. I learned that he was director at the Old Vic, and in my second trip to London I saw the theater from outside. It was closed for audience, there were no plays, but I felt in love with the place. I registered to see Inherit the Wind, and what a different man its was on stage, compared to the one on the movies.

He was a lion king, I was mesmerized, but also afraid. I understood I was watching a great actor. The presence of these two different personalities, never let me a dark sensation, but showed me how great and funny is that man, even on his darkest moments. I feel it every time I watch Kevin’s performance. I would him to be remembered as a Spencer Tracy, a Gary Grant, or an Henry Fonda, and not as the one that this sad story has painted, because he deserves to be at the same level of these great actors, who I’m sure he loves.

Studer from Meudon (France)