I met Kevin some years ago. I was so scared and full of expectation. I just wanna work on a movie set, met famous actors and enjoyed those moments. I had no idea on what I had to do with my life, I was just a young boy with cinema dreams and no money.
My parents weren’t happy about my prospective of future, and I was ready to face alot of difficult  moments.

Then I met Kevin, he was and still the most interesting and smart man I’ve ever known! I was mesmerized by his talent and his lack of fear of “common people”. Kevin used to sit with us, crew members, and talk about how important is to follow our dreams.

I had a long conversation with him one day, we were in front of a cup of coffee and he asked me “are you sure that you wanna become an Actor?” I answered “yes, of course”. Then Kevin said “if you have a dream, you have to follow your dream. Don’t give up, never give up, even when things becomes hard, even when you haven’t strength anymore. Go on, do it, follow your dream and you’ll be rewarded”.

I need to tell the world this, and I need to do it today: Kevin Spacey have probably made some mistakes in his troubled life but he inspired me, he was kind, he treated me like we had known each other from years. Now I know that I can do whatever I want with my life, and I have to thanks you Kevin, for this. I’am a realized man now.

Kevin Spacey is a special soul and, you know what?! I’M A BLACK MAN.

Thanks Kevin, from the bottom of my heart, you kinda saved my life.