My Kevin Spacey Story.

The year was 2011. I went to see Richard III both in Beijing and then in Sydney.
I wasn’t lucky enough to book myself a good seat in Beijing. By good seat, I mean the first 5 rows from the stage, so that I could see clearly Kevin’s facial expressions. Despite that, Kevin’s performance, even in a distance, worked like magic on me.

I was so fascinated by the story, by his character, by his direct talk to the audience and his eruptions of emotions.
Before Richard III, I had watched a lot of his movies but I never knew that seeing his performance in a theater could be so illuminating and enticing.

About a month later, I was on a business trip to Sydney and happily found Kevin brought his Richard III tour to Sydney, too. You could imagine how excited I was. I actually managed to get a better seat this time from Ebay.
The show was scheduled at 8pm that night. But it was delayed for half an hour because there was a matinee and I heard staff of Lyric Theater saying, “Kevin Spacey needs more time…“ It sounds amusing, but after watching it in Beijing, I knew how exhausting Kevin must be after one performance, let alone doing two on the same day.

But when it began, I was amazed again by Kevin. I mean I just couldn’t tell from his performance that he did a matinee a couple of hours ago. His voice, gestures, movements and stares were so powerful and I was completely mesmerized, AGAIN! And when he looked down at the audience in a deliciously vicious tirade,  I think I had some eye contact with him. You know how intense his stare could be. My mind was like… immediately exploded and I couldn’t think for quite a while

In retrospect, these experiences mean so much to me. Years later, I have been enlighted again and again by Kevin’s movies, plays, interviews and songs. I have enjoyed so many of his beautiful works and I think it is the right time for me to do something for the man I always adore: to share my story here and stand firmly with you in support of Mr. Kevin Spacey!

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