Everything started when I read an article about House Of Cards in a local TV magazine.

I saw a picture of Frank Underwood surrounded by his best quotes looking with authority and confidence at me. My first thought was “I must watch this show. I have a lot to learn from this guy.“.
Kevin played this character so well that I forgot he is fictional. This brilliant work of acting helped me gain self-confidence and chase away my last depression demons.

After I moved on I checked who Kevin Spacey actually  was. And the process of psychological cleansing continued. Characters like Lester Burnham, John Doe, Eugene Simonet, Guy Quoyle, Henry Carter warmed my heart,  pushed me to read people and, definitely, try acting in order to entertain my friends, make good impressions in high school or,  finally, to get on with my family.

I got addicted to watching Kevin act, loved all the films, the impressions, his attitude, his personality and always thought that he reached the state of genius. His ambition, fight against mediocrity and kindness increased my sympathy and admiration for him. For me, he is a reference figure who has a settled place in my heart.


-Maria Isfan from Bucharest (Romania)