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Support Kevin Spacey wants to hold up the artist Kevin Spacey.
This is the place where fans can leave a message for Kevin, tell us what he represents for them or the moments spent with him.
In this space, created specially for supporters, you won’t find any advertising: Support Kevin Spacey is a non-profit organization, the only gain that the site wants to get is the support to who is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented artists of our time.
We want to give him back a little of the joy he gave us.

“If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” – Kevin Spacey


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The first thing we want to be clear, is that we are all here in the name of our love for Kevin Spacey’s art, and his life as an Artist. We are not here to judge him, or to express any opinion on the people who declare they have undergone bad actions from him.

Recent Messages

17 May

Peter from Lewes (UK) 🇬🇧

Guilty without trial. Kevin Spacey and many others, all of them attacked by the #MeToo crowd. Harvard law professor Ronald Sullivan faces censure and student protests. His offence? Working on Harvey Weinstein’s defence team. Never mind the importance of due process, university administrators seemingly attach more importance to students’ puerile demands than to the basic principles of Anglo-American justice. Kevin Spacey I want you back where you belong. One of the greatest talents in the acting world. – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

13 May

Jeanie from Phoenix (USA) 🇺🇲

Dear Kevin Spacey, it is so wonderful to see the support you are garnering during this most tumultuous time. I have been a fan of your work since The usual suspects. I am re-watching House of Cards as I write, the first seasons, and I am in awe of your work. The accusations swirling around you should not keep you from what you do best. My hope is that the waters will calm and everyone will realize that there are two sides to every story. Looking forward to seeing what you do next, thank you! – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

08 May

Sebastian from Braga (Portugal) 🇵🇹

Dear Kevin Spacey, or should I say Francis J. Underwood (Mr.President), my name is Sebastian Barnutiu, I was born in Romania and now currently living in Portugal. First of all I wish you all the best, and hopefully you will get better after all of what’s happening. I tried for a long time to find a way to talk to you, or at least send you a message, and here I am. The first time I saw you was on the House of Cards series, and since then I admire your work, well in that time I knew who you

Hi Kevin, don’t give up! We are with you!

Giada from Rome (Italy)

Italy, kevin spacey

All My support, Kevin, We all make mistakes, i hope the situation improves and you always succeed.

Erik Esteban from Sonora (México)

kevin spacey

You are the best actor I have seen in my entire life. So good that it makes me want to believe and support you through this all. Please hang in there!

Marvin Glenn Bunnong from Dasmarinas (Philippine)

best actor, kevin spacey


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